You know what’s scary? I’m only 22-years-old, and I already know two people who have lost a mother to cancer. You know what’s scarier? Research shows that one in seven Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast or gynecologic cancer in her lifetime. One in seven! In 2013 alone, it’s estimated that approximately 31,000 women will be diagnosed with one of the two forms of cancer—and that approximately 8,000 of those women will die from it.

WHAT? Those numbers are WAY TOO HIGH. So let’s do something about it.

For the past 10 years, Toronto has welcomed the Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend to End Women’s Cancers, and this year’s event is set to be the biggest and best one yet.  Taking place September 7 and 8, 2013 and benefitting Princess Margaret Cancer Centre—one of the top five cancer research centres in the world—the Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend to End Women’s Cancers is a healthy and inspiring way for you to help make a difference.

All money raised goes The Campbell Family Institute at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, which specializes in personalized cancer medicine. By participating, you’re supporting research, treatment advances, and survivorship programs for all women’s cancers at the Princess Margaret.

Plus, you get to personalize your efforts: decide if you want to participate in the one-day or two-day walk, and choose whether your fundraising dollars will support the fight against breast cancer or gynecologic cancer. Even cooler: the walk’s opening and closing ceremonies will take place at the beloved Rogers Centre, and participants will be given the chance to sleep under the dome on the Saturday night. Sleeping in one of Toronto’s most famous landmarks, surrounded by thousands of other dedicated people who have come together to combat women’s cancers? Sounds pretty magical.

Over the years, the 60km walk has raised $133 million—in 2013, let’s come together and build that even higher.

Whether you’ve lost someone to cancer, know someone currently battling or affected by it, or just believe that it’s a disease we need to find a cure for, you can make a positive impact by participating in Shoppers Drug Mart’s Weekend to End Women’s Cancers.
Make this weekend matter. Register to walk or get more information today.