When Kait Fowlie posted about her upcoming virtual hypnosis sessions on Instagram, we were immediately intrigued. As one of Toronto’s most beloved tarot readers, we’re familiar with Kait’s work, and often feel drawn to her thoughts and ideas that correspond to moon cycles and other solar system activity. Her one-off group hypnosis sessions are a new offering, and they sound so cool.

“Hypnosis is just a really beautiful way to engage with someone on a super intimate level where you can create some really powerful changes,” she tells us, explaining that each session invites a group of curious individuals to tune in from their homes, where Kait then helps them enter a trance-like state, taking participants to a magical world to explore the unconscious part of the brain. “The experience of it is me leading what might feel like a guided visualization or guided meditation, but the experience of it is designed to help you go deeper into your experience of meditation.” It reminds us of how we felt after getting an epidural, or a groovy acid trip, but drug-free.

Similar to seeking answers through tarot readings, hypnosis is about connecting with your intuition, or as Kait says, “a deeper part of your inner wisdom about what you want or what’s true for you.” 

“The experience of hypnosis is so potent; one hour of hypnosis can go such a long way. You can really experience deep and subtle shifts on an unconscious level that have a trickle-down effect in your life,” says Kait, sharing that just one session can often help people get over a major block in their lives. 

Beyond finding answers, we love the idea of using one of these sessions as escapism and the fact that this is a collective experience. “This is just a much more enriching way to spend an hour than just journaling by yourself or meditating by yourself. I always like to offer a little bit of space to share, and just hearing what shifts for people and hearing what people are working on can be helpful in and of itself. Community is a healer.”

For the next three Sundays in January, she’s offering three different hypnosis sessions:

Your Sacred Offering Upleveled (Jan 16) will help participants take their career to the next level. 

Love What’s Good For You (Jan 23) is about changing habits to make self-care a priority, or as Kait explains: “not forcing or white-knuckling your way to do anything with self-care, but approaching your self-care intentions in a more intuitive way.”

Turn On Your Magnetism (Jan 30) is designed to help participants “root down into your worth, and turn on your inner magnetism so you can begin to attract all you truly desire.” 

They all sound fascinating. In a bizarre way, lying on the floor with a bunch of strangers sounds like exactly what we need right now. If you’re likewise intrigued, head to Kait’s site to find out more.