We’ve teamed up with Etsy Canada to showcase some of our favourite local designers in a regular new feature called My Etsy Shop. Each month we will focus on vendors that fit a particular theme; January is all about getting organized.

Kerry McGean’s effie handmade collection will make organizing your jewelry and trinkets a pleasure, and maybe even motivate you to get your buns to a yoga class. We can’t help it, we LOVE her yoga mat bags too! Be sure to check out our list of Etsy Shops, at the bottom of the page, with all sorts of cute and clever offerings that will bring some order to your home and/or office. 

SDTC: What do you make?

KM: Modern travel accessories and gifts – yoga bags, travel jewelry organizers & cashmere hot water bottle covers.

SDTC: How has your business grown over the years?

KM: I started effie handmade in 2008, making jewelry as a creative outlet/distraction from my boring office job and selling it on Etsy. Today, hand-making has evolved into my full-time job, and sewing has taken center stage as I focus on designing accessories that are both beautiful & practical.

SDTC: What are your top sellers?

KM: Travel jewelry organizers & yoga mat bags are my biggest sellers; the majority are sold to folks throughout North America, but lots to worldwide customers, too (in over 30 countries at last count!)

SDTC: What do you love most about being part of the Etsy community?

KM: I love the instant connection that being a member of the Etsy community creates.  At both in-person events (like the Etsy: Made in Canada pop-up market this past September) and in other online communities, meeting other Etsy sellers & buyers is like finding an instant friend in a crowd, and immediately having lots to talk about!

SDTC: What are you looking forward to most in 2015?

KM: Such a great question for this time of year!  I like to set creative challenges for myself, and in 2014 I set out to have something new listed in my shop each week of the year.  For 2015, my goal is to develop & launch four totally new products, one each season.  I don’t have them all planned out yet, so I look forward to seeing what they’ll be!

SDTC: What is your best tip for getting organized?

KM: I’m definitely a list person, so for me they’re the #1 way to get & stay organized.  Write it on a list and it’ll get done.  I’m old-school, so I prefer a list that’s handwritten (on paper!), but as long as it’s visible -not just in your head- it’ll work.

TripleStudio for the sweetest desktop calendars.

Studio Liscious to help you find your keys.

Fionna Hanna to hide away all your loose ends.

Jenna Rose hampers and buckets to store accessories, toys, whatevs!

Robinson Merch Company to help you organize your jewelry.

KROMM Design will give all your tech and tablets a very fancy home.

Dayna Lee Collection for sassy and empowering pillows, mugs, wall art and everything in between!

Derek Goodbrand to hold up all your stuff.