We’ve teamed up with Etsy Canada to showcase some of our favourite local designers in a regular new feature called My Etsy Shop. Each month we will focus on vendors that fit a particular theme; January is all about getting organized.

We’re totally smitten with Crystal Ho’s shop, Triple Studio, and its sweet collection of animal calendars, clocks and labels. Like, why wouldn’t you want a delicate animal painting on every single one of your possessions? We sure do!  

Be sure to check out our list of Etsy Shops, at the bottom of the page, with all sorts of cute and clever offerings that will bring some order to your home and/or office. 

SDTC: What do you make?

CH: Having watched an endless number of animal videos on YouTube, I’m still clueless as to what is really on their minds. Does a squirrel only think about nuts and escaping fast moving vehicles? Does a raccoon purposefully use it’s cuteness to get away with stealing garbage? My animal paintings do not merely to feed my obsession with four legged furry friends, they also explore their characteristics. Using watercolour, I capture their liveliness and my curiosities about the animal kingdom.

SDTC: How has your business grown over the years?

CH: Triple Studio has grown steadily over the past 4 years, and this year has tripled the revenue. One key thing I learned in online business is that you have to be patient and continue to come up with ways to exceed customer expectations. If they see the effort you put in, they will give you encouraging reviews, and hopefully come back to your shop.

SDTC: What are your top sellers? 

CH: My top sellers are fox, elephant and giraffe paintings. Most of them are sold to the States to decorate nursery rooms.

SDTC: What do you love most about being part of the Etsy community?

CH: The most rewarding aspect about the Etsy community is collaboration. We joined Etsy School this year, which brought in very strong community ties, shop improvements and friendships. I look forward to attending more upcoming workshops with my teams in 2015.

SDTC: What are you looking forward to most in 2015? 

CH: There is a long list of animals I want to paint in 2015 (rhino, lion, lemur, bison…). And I’m also I looking forward to attending the 2015 Etsy Leadership Summit in Toronto.

SDTC: What is your best tip for getting organized?

CH: I set clear goals and objectives in the beginning of each month. I use an online management tool called Asana to track productivity and to evaluate progress. It also helps me to prioritize tasks and track milestones on my to-do list.

Effie Handmade for the organized traveler.

Studio Liscious to help you find your keys.

Fionna Hanna to hide away all your loose ends.

Jenna Rose hampers and buckets to store accessories, toys, whatevs!

Robinson Merch Company to help you organize your jewelry.

KROMM Design will give all your tech and tablets a very fancy home.

Dayna Lee Collection for sassy and empowering pillows, mugs, wall art and everything in between!

Derek Goodbrand to hold up all your stuff.