It was real refreshing to see such a bold collection at LG Fashion Week, with zany outfits that may not be so practical. Take, for example, a geometric onesy with a balaclava or pants cut like an isosceles triangle that may cause difficulty going through a TTC turnstile. However, we applaud Biddell for his fearlessness; the theme of the show. The eccentric collection, titled PREHISTORY, had us eyeing one-of-a-kind pieces to play with, if only to clearly mark our territory on the dance floor.

Beyond shape, Biddell experimented with materials that included green metallic pleather, black neoprene & cork and sharp industrial finishes; perfect for when we are channeling Pris from Blade Runner.

The crowd was wowed and the usual silent head bobbing was interjected with waves of applause, not a common trait amongst the snobby fashion week crowd who always find it easier to criticize than be impressed. 

The dark gothic tunes and S&M references had us stirred and in a sort of erotically numbed fashion coma. One cannot argue that Biddell has a distinctive sense of play; we were left curious by his otherworldly imagination.

If you are interested in trying them on for size, the PREHISTORY collection will be available at OZ Studios located at 134 Ossington Avenue.