Face Mapping: How Your Skin Tells The Story Of Your Health

Your skin is trying to tell you something. Maybe you’re plagued with pimples on your chin, or maybe you’ve got forehead wrinkles for days, but whatever trouble your skin is giving you, there’s a reason behind it.

Skin can seem like a partner who’s super passive aggressive and awful at communication. But, thanks to traditional Chinese Face Mapping, we can learn to read the our skin’s signals. Finally, you can decode what your skin has been trying to tell you all along. Here are some jumping off points to get you started with your own face map:

Between the Eyebrows
I often find myself squinting and scrunching, causing deep lines to form here. And guess what, that’s a sign of stress. (Duh!) It’s also a symptom of an unhappy liver. This can be caused by issues other than stress, like overconsumption of alcohol or depression. If you’ve got wrinkles here or acne on your temples, consider axing processed foods and relying on a water bottle like it’s life support. These two things alone will decrease your stress and increase your liver’s ability to function.

On the Chin
The chin is a major problem area for ladies, as many of us experience pimples here around that time of the month. No wonder—the chin is connected to your sex organs (not in a freaky Deep Throat kinda way). While there’s not a lot that can be done about hormonal pimples when Aunt Flow is coming to town, there are other factors that exacerbate chin acne. Sugar and stress are big aggravators where chimples are concerned, so avoid those around the time you experience PMS.

Under the Eyes
Spoiler Alert: all of the areas in face mapping are at least somewhat affected by stress. Your under-eyes are no exception. If you’ve got dark circles here, something is amiss with your kidneys. This could be the result of stress (see!), dehydration or anxiety issues. The remedy? Water, water and more water (and less dairy and sugar).

Whether you’ve got deep lines or perma-pimples here, it’s a small intestine issue. That means your gut is unhappy. You could have issues with Candida, bloating or, simply put, a stressed out stomach. If you feel like life is swallowing you alive, you probably experience problems on your forehead. Consider adding probiotics to your diet.

Beside the Nose and Chin
Issues here are linked to the large intestine, meaning you could be dealing with a major blockage. Likely factors? Excessive carbohydrate consumption. (And—do I even need to say it?—stress.) You probably experience cramping and gas, which can be remedied by limiting intake of veggies like broccoli, whole grains, sodas and other carb-dense foods.

Time to get mapping.

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  1. bills8091
    June 3, 2014

    That is a really cool map. I didn’t realize you could tell so much from your face. Is there a map specifically for your eyes?
    Bill | http://www.baldwinopticalandhearing.com/Baldwin_Optical/Vision.html

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