Why we like: Fafi has been holdin’ it down since 1994 in the Parisian art realm.  If you haven’t yet heard of or seen a glimpse of her graffiti-esque work, than I can guarantee that this intro will be the start of an ongoing infatuation with this single-named trend setter. Her always scandalous ‘Fafinettes’ have helped her break the high-art vs. low-art dichotomy, while ramping up her edge the pop-culture sphere.  These wide-eyed, busty, neon-chic goddesses are representations of female power and make bold statements regarding gender roles.  Jessica Rabbit and Babs Bunny have got nothing on these sketchy sex-drenched seducers.   

What you’ll find there: Fafi’s official page, gives you a brief bio on her brilliance, and documents her career to date, with a collection of images for each key stage in the creative process.  You’ll be caught up with Fafi news, as she claims further territory outside the world of art—proving how powerful one idea can be.  There’s a store where you can gear up with her work screen printed on apparel, and she’s even paired up with MAC cosmetics for an electric line that has got my panties in a bunch.  

Where in the world: Toulouse (those Frenchies know where it’s at) 

In a Nutshell: The place to go for a glimpse of her wicked designs, inspirational ideas and some style scouting.  I’m envious of an anime idol, how 2008 is that?!