Barefoot Contessa has one of the best selections of local jewelry in Vancouver. Glass cases contain treasures sorted by designer, making it easy to find your favourites. The store and jewelry are uber-girly, featuring lots of bold cameos, delicate gold earrings, and fanciful headbands.

Be sure to check out their selection of pieces from local designer Toodlebunny. A personal favourite, Toodlebunny uses gold to hand craft whimsical earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Also take a look at the pendants from Pyrrha, another local designer. These silver pieces are made from 19th century wax seals, and will truly stand out in your collection. The Main Street location has quirky home décor, including a stag jewelry holder and poodle salt and pepper shakers.

If you’re looking for a party dress this is a good place to start! Feminine frocks line the racks, sorted by colour. Think everything lace, strapless, and ruffled. You’ll find tons of things you love; what’ll be hard will be finding occasions to wear them all! There are also a number of separates on offer which stick to the girly theme, including tulle skirts and tops with bows. One of the strengths of Barefoot Contessa is its ability to harness the girly we all love without letting the clothes get too precious.

The best part? Everything there is super affordable. It’s a dangerous place to go when you have money to burn, but you’ll never regret your purchases!

By Meghan Roberts