We’re lucky in Vancouver – in recent years we’ve been able to attract most of the “more affordable” big box fashion stores of other lands like H&M from Sweden or Forever21 from the States, and we’ve revelled in our ability to snag the same cotton maxi dresses in different colours just because we can. But what to do with the mounds of clothes that you want to purge from your closet? Never fear – consignment is a popular way to get rid of your clothes, they the include getting your coin back. Tip though: your cat hair’ed pieces won’t suffice.

Front and Company
These guys are probably the most popular of consignment stores to visit – their window displays are always impeccable, they have a great selection of high fashion labels, and they have great accessories for your home. But therein lies the rub: they’re super selective, so be sure to bring your best here.
3772 Main Street, Vancouver

Incredibles Consignment
I’ve consigned with these guys before, and though they are out of place (ie: outside of Vancouver), they are a gem in New Westminster to visit. They’re generally open to bigger sizes too because they cater to an older crowd.
417 6th Street, New Westminster

Closet Addiction Designer Consignment Boutique
Now this one is a bit of a drive out, but guaranteed you may even find something here for yourself – they boast that they carry some big labels.
2231 Clarke Street, Port Moody

C’est la Vie
The vibe of Main Street definitely resides in C’est La Vie – they carry both men’s and women’s consigned clothing, and just about from every era so if your vintage phase didn’t quite settle well with you, it’ll find a home at C’est La Vie. 
3247 Main Street, Vancouver 

deLuxe Junk Co.
deLuxe Junk Co. is a well curated vintage consignment store. I once pondered the need of a sequinned jacket here (I didn’t go home with it sadly). Situated in Gastown, this place is pretty awesome for finding a home for your vintage brooch.
310 West Cordova Street, Vancouver