If you haven’t found that perfect item for the lady on your list this year, there’s still time to check out the fabulous Forsya Boutique (2206 Main Street) and snap up one of our favourite holiday gifts!  We chatted with Forsya’s owner, Julie Hebb, about her favourite things both in the store and out.

These hand-painted heels are a must for
any shoe lover! The Cocopunkz heels
start at $260.

Give us five! Five Left wallets are perfect
for guys and girls. They range in price
from $45 to $55.

Love these hand-made knit mittens ($50)
by Adhesif Clothing

That’s tight! Pick up a pair of
Sans Soucie leggings ($32).

Try on the Varga Hat ($65) by
Honey Love Designs. We love the
feathers and jewel embellishments.

SDTC: So Julie, you must have a giant wardrobe.  What do you wear the most?

Julie Hebb: My friends would say, I eat, sleep and breathe in a scarf…that may be true.

SDTC: What was your favourite TV show growing up?

JH: Being an animator as well, I was ALWAYS watching some kind of cartoon.  That’s still probably the case, actually!

SDTC: Where can we find you most (besides your store) in Vancouver?

JH: The shop and studio keep me so busy that any spare moment I have I try to have as much fun as possible with my husband and friends.

SDTC: What famous person would you love to walk into Forsya? Why them?

JH: I would probably fall over if any famous person came into Forsya, and I’d probably turn around and ask them what made them come in.  It’s always fun to find out how people heard about your store.

SDTC: If you could have any pet in the world – what would it be and why?

JH: Hmmmm, does it have to exist?  ‘Cause I would LOVE that flying, talking dog monster thing from “The Neverending Story”…you could go anywhere, fast!

SDTC: Three tips for someone visiting Vancouver for the first time?

JH: 1. Come to Forsya!
2. Grab a Modern Urban Guide from us
3. Rent a scooter from The Whip across from Forsya and follow the guide, explore the city, small business style!

SDTC: What tunes do you play on repeat at Forsya?

When I’m feeling a little low, cheesy 80’s tunes ALWAYS make me happy!

SDTC: Are you more yoga or vodka?

JH: They go hand in hand, don’t they?

SDTC: Happiness to you is:

JH: Exactly where I am.
…I could use a little more sleep though.

SDTC: What are you currently reading?

JH: “Monarchy: From the Middle Ages to Modernity” by David Starkey and for keeping me laughing, I’m reading POOF by Line Gamache, one of the great little books we’ll be carrying this season.

SDTC: What was the last movie you saw that you loved? Hated?

“The War of the Gargantuas”, hilarious!

You can check out Forsya Boutique at forsyaboutique.com or on Twitter, @forsyaboutique