From The Glamourai to The Coveted, Check Out Camp SDTC's Fashion Blog Activity Station

Sure, you may be too old to go to camp — but who says that the craft table can’t come to you? Here are four great Do It Yourself ideas to keep you stylish AND occupied during the summer months. Afterwards, why not treat yourself to a decadent s’more, or a cup of adult-friendly lemonade?

1. You can ombre your hair, you can ombre your tights–and now, you can ombre your jeans! Dries Van Noten perfected this two tone trend, but if you can’t afford Holts, homemade is the next best thing. Check out PS: I Made This’ amazing tutorial over at Who What for a step by step guide.

2. Remember those days when you could just tie two scarves together and just leave the house in just that? Me neither. However, with a little resourcefulness, you can whip up an amazing scarf dress that’ll keep you cool in this scorching July heat. Take a look at The Glamourai’s tips on how to get the look.

3. From the runways to festivals, everyone’s been rocking feather jewelry. Jennine from The Coveted shows us how to make those oh-so-boho feather earrings.

4. Still bawling over the fact that you didn’t grab anything from the Lanvin/H&M collaboration? French fashion blogger Virginie Peny shows you how to make your own “I’m Not Lanvin” t-shirt.

5. Why not get your best girl friends together for a friendship bracelet party? The Beading Gem’s Journal has a collection of friendship bracelet tutorials that’ll keep you and the gals busy for the entire afternoon.

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