Christmas Day is full of complicated feelings in the best of times. If the pandemic has forced you to be alone this year, or if you are just feeling like shit and want something to look forward to, definitely sign up for Gathering In on December 25th.

We know this will be good because it’s hosted by Bryonie Wise, who we’ve followed and admired for nearly two decades. So we can tell you with absolute certainty that Gathering In will be a magical occasion, because everything Wise does—be it writing, meditations, art or yoga—has depth. Her serious and thoughtful approach to life shows up in the events that she hosts; she’ll help you get to the gut of things. 

This yoga event is open to all levels, and is described as, “Braiding together earthy flow, a pinch of sounding and grounding restoration, this special holiday practice is designed to cocoon tender hearts during a grandiose unknown.” Sign us up.

If this appeals, Wise is also hosting a circle on New Year’s Eve, and has something special planned for just about every Sunday this winter. 

Get more info on her site. To register for Gathering In, head to the Kula Annex site