Stressed? Anxious? Worried? You are certainly not alone (well, you are, but only physically!) We are all united by the internet right now, and many service providers and businesses are coming through to support us online – you definitely do not need to sacrifice your daily workout because you’re social distancing. Now is the time to prioritize movement and releasing pent up stress, and you can get in your daily dose of movement from your living room, thanks to the local gyms / yoga and pilates studios who are offering online classes during this time.

Here’s where to go to get online fitness and yoga classes:

Muse Movement pilates classes: This west-end pilates studio is running one mat class a day on their YouTube channel with a different teacher daily. You can book on their site just like you’d book an in-studio class and select a YouTube / ZOOM class on a specific day. Each class is 9$, and you get sent a link to watch an hour before the time you have booked. Classes will go up at 10 AM and come down at 10 PM.

Soul Fuel fitness classes: Follow this boutique gym on Instagram for regular updates about their online offerings while the studio is closed. Studio owner MJ Shaw has been posting free mini at-home workouts (barre and HIIT classes) on their YouTube, and streaming longer, 45-minute or so HIIT workouts on IG live. Stay tuned for a full schedule planned in advance to come out for next week.

Misfit Studio yoga classes: Create some sacred space at home with an online yoga class from Misfit. They’ve set up Misfitstudio videos where you can purchase 15, 30 or 45 minute online yoga class videos for $14.95 a month after 14 days free. Also stay tuned on their Instagram for live streamed classes each day – the IG live schedule is in their bio.

Sari Nisker-Fox yoga classes: Sari is a yoga and mindfulness teacher who is offering one hour long, online mini mindful vinyasa yoga classes at 10 AM. Check out her schedule here

Yoga Tree Studios yoga classes: Yoga Tree has your zen covered with a lineup of daily yoga classes and public guided meditations streamed live on their Instagram. Their schedule for the next few days up so you can plan ahead.


Carnival Spice offers fitness and entertainment with a Caribbean Carnival twist: Head to their instagram and enjoy pop-up virtual dance classes that feature the sounds of soca and dancehall.  As a way to lift morale they are welcoming new members to their Facebook group to join a community that shares a love for spice, wellness, and carnival.

Sweat and Tonic fitness classes: The yoga / HIIT / cycle studio is offering 30 minute IG live classes and also group meditations. So you can sweat, then recover with guidance from their pros.

FitSquad kettlebell classes / bodyweight workouts: FitSquad is offering a 4 week in-home kettlebell intensive program that consists of 3 online training classes per week (you get your own FS Kettlebell, too), for $180.00. They’re also sharing free live workouts Monday to Friday at 12 PM led by Nike Master Trainer Jennifer Lau on their instagram.

Bolo clinics: Everyday, a Bolo Inc. fitness expert will go live on their Instagram to break down some ways you can improve your form. Take this time to perfect your push-up, up your squat game, or learn how to box the right way.