Ready to go beyond your daily Metro horoscope? Get your birth chart cast by a pro for big-picture insights.  

When you get your birth chart cast, you can see the placements of all the planets in your chart at birth (rather than just the sun, which informs your sun sign) and get a full picture of how they’ve influenced your personality. One of my go-to online horoscope dealers, the Astrotwins, call the natal chart a “roadmap to your soul.” If you feel like you’ve run off your right path or aren’t living your right life, get a pro astrologer to set you off in the right direction this fall with some help from THE COSMOS! Here are some peeps to check out:

Julie Simmons

This OG was a former astrologer for Flare and now she’s the local oracle at Toronto-based charity events and also teaches classes. She says, “I see astrology as a great navigational tool in a world that seems rich in information but poor in meaning.” The time is now to find some meaning in this madness. Get a full natal chart, a yearly update chart, a compatibility chart or other specialized focus. Details and fees here.

Mark Anthony Figliola

An astrological counsellor who takes a psychological approach to astrology, Mark’s philosophy is this: “A person’s inner nature is the prime magnet that draws specific events and people to them and this is revealed in the astrological chart. In other words, ‘character is destiny.’” Time to get to know and accept your bad self, honey chile! Get a complete psychological profile and a year’s worth of personal trends from Mark.

The Rock Store With Emily Todd

Pop by this metaphysical shop in the annex to get your chart cast by in-house astrologer, Emily. Pick up some crystals/cards/books while you’re at it – there’s no shortage of tools to help with your spiritual journey. See fees and book an appointment here.

Christina Becker

If you’re ready to take a deep dive into your past and hear some real talk about the present and future, see Jungian analyst/psychotherapist Christina Becker. She offers astrological sessions where you can discuss your birth chart and “natal potential,” and spiritual astrological coaching for peeps who are on a mission to capitalize on their spiritual lessons.

Liz Worth

Liz is Flare’s resident cool-girl astrologist and tarot reader. Book a ninety-minute tarot/astrology reading with her to take a look at your chart and learn about your gifts, your calling, the major life lessons you’re here to learn, and then get additional messages from the tarot.