Always looking to improve our brow game, we recently found the newest treatment in town that ensures a dark, sculpted, beautifully brutish brow for four weeks at a time.

Woman, it’s time to get into the playing field and rival the striking arches of Lily Collins, Cara Delevigne and BadGalRiRi. Stop trying to colour your brows like a five year old with a Crayola crayon and book an appointment at WINKS Eyelash Boutique for their new Eyebrow Sculpting Gel treatment.

How does it work? The semi-permanent textured gel is delicately painted on. You can choose whether to go bold with a makeup effect, or opt for a subtle sculpting that will have you looking polished for weeks at a time.

The service costs $65. Check out the full eyebrow and eyelash menu at WINKS here. You’ll be pleasantly amazed at the #beforeandafter, immediately necessitating a #browsonfleek #browwow #browgamestrong #sorrynotsorry #Saturday #Selfie. Yup.

See our Top 5 Brows in the Biz picks below, and get inspired to thicken up.

Don’t mess with Cara Delevigne and her brow-POW.
Camilla Belle-Of-The-Brow
Shine bright like a diamond with some RiRi BrowWow
Halsey got the balsey with these babealicious browwwwws.

Meowwwwww-brow Lily Collins. Purrrr.

WINKS Eyelash Boutique is located at 70 Yorkville Avenue, 2nd Floor.