I discovered the term jungalow when I moved into my most recent apartment. Since then, I’ve invested more money in plants than I ever have before, and I don’t regret one cent of it – I only want to get more.

Good plants are expensive af and hard work to keep alive, but they’re absolutely worth it. They make a place feel so much more alive and majestic, esp. in large quantities. Is there anything more inviting than living among bushels of leafy, happy flora? A jungalow is a sanctuary of good vibes, and these shops have been on my radar as I work away at my jungalow goals:

Dynasty (1086 Queen West)

Dynasty is a curated interior design shop with a focus on tropical botanicals, ceramics and textiles. Here, you’ll be able to see how everything – your decor, your plants, your ideal vibe – might fit together. For a more minimal, mod-style jungalow, Dynasty is an ideal retailer. Ogle their insta and be inspired.

Stamen & Pistil Botanicals (1567 Dundas Street West)

This is an excellent place in the west end to window shop for terrarium inspo. There are terrariums of all kinds, as well as planters, soils and tiny- to medium-sized plants. This crew also hosts terrarium classes where you can make a terrarium and learn how to not kill it.

WilBe Bloomin (160 Baldwin St.)

This Kensington Market mainstay is a full-service flower shop that makes arrangements for all occasions but also sells indoor plants and planters/hanging apparatus. The space is srsly lush à la The Secret Garden. Peep the bathtub planter with koi and floating greenery. Jungalow goals!

EcoStems Flower Shop (364A King Street E)

If you straight up don’t have the time/desire to DIY a terrarium but want them in your space, get one of these lovely ready-made ones from EcoStems. They’re made from sustainably sourced plants and materials. EcoStems also hosts terrarium workshops if you want to get a crew together and make a couple w/ guidance from the experts.

Sham’s Florist and Gift (1477 Dundas St. West)

As far as affordable plant selection goes, Sham’s kills it. This shop sells exclusively plants (tropical and indoor, herbs), and has a huge, apartment-friendly selection. The staff are also v. patient and know what to give you if you simply tell them that you want plants but are worried you’ll kill them.