Step back ten years; Y2K chatter had just been proven dead wrong, India birthed its billionth citizen, and the US had yet to experience the wild and bewildering years of George W. Bush. The world was indeed a different place in 2000, and we were on the brink of Canadianizing a US network for the very first time. It has been a glorious ten years with an entire channel dedicated to all things decadent and delicious. And who knew that our taste buds could be so thoroughly tantalized in the absence of smell and taste?

Yes, Food Network Canada was and continues to be a triumph of Canadian cuisine – reaching more than six million Canadian homes each week, and set to debut the first Top Chef Canada series in fall 2011. It’s kicking ass and finally proving that we are much more than maple syrup and poutine. In celebration of ten great years, we give you the SDTC TOP 10 best things about Food Network Canada:

10. The Food Network Canada iphone app to help you shop, plan, and create.
9. @foodnetworkca has 28,113 Twitter followers.
8. The Thirsty Traveler – a series dedicated entirely to alcoholic beverages!
7. Chef Bob Blumer holds the Guiness World Record for most pancakes flipped in 1 hour (559) and the most pizzas cooked in one hour (142)!
6. Searching ‘beer’ on will bring up 157 options.
5. Searching ‘maple syrup’ will bring up 324.
4. Nadia G of Bitchin’ Kitchen. If you’ve seen it, you understand why.
3. Peeking behind the curtain of Mark McEwan’s upscale North 44, Bymark, and One restaurants.
2. Dinner Party Wars, where 3 couples compete for prizes and bragging rights – frighteningly entertaining.
1. Because it means there is always something good on TV.

Cheers, Food Network Canada, to many more decades of yum!

~ Ali Maldoff