We`ll be opening up secret rooms at the haunted Great Hall, getting sweaty in the Disco Dungeon (What? Sounds kinky and Halloween-appropriate), and checking out all the amazing costumes at the annual Haunted Mansion this Saturday.

There`s something especially fun about a night out on Halloween. Whether you subscribe to the concept that people dress as their fantasies (which begs A LOT of questions considering some of the costumes we`ve seen) or just love the thrill added to the chase when the sexy Marlboro Man nursing a beer by the DJ booth might be a buttoned-up banker, scruffy guitarist, or backpack-toting Masters student tomorrow, Halloween is exciting. 

Join us in the haunted wonderland that is the Great Hall, where three different rooms with three very different sounds will make you feel like you`re getting three parties for the price of one. (They call this practical party-hopping. Who wants to be attempting the streetcar half-naked in a Daenarys costume?) Rumour has it the place is ACTUALLY haunted, so keep your beer goggles out for Harry-Potter style John Cleese ghosts. Or maybe that`s just your roommate. WHO KNOWS?

We can`t wait to see all of you out in your Fancy Dress finest (that`s what they call costume parties in GREAT BRITAIN, FYI in case you ever meet the Queen.) Come dance with us!

Haunted Mansion at the Great Hall
Saturday, Oct. 27th, 9 pm
1087 Queen St. W. 

Purchase tickets online here.

~ Haley Cullingham