Earlier this month, Ruckify—the world’s largest online peer-to-peer rental marketplace—announced a partnership with City of Toronto and United Way that would help deliver technology to help vulnerable communities. The campaign asked individuals and businesses to rent or donate technology they weren’t using, and hundreds of smart phones, laptops and tablets were collected, and dispersed safely by the United Way to individuals and organizations in need. As the need is still there, the drive will continue (and you can donate here). 
“In this current reality, we know how vital it is for individuals and families to stay connected to social support through online services. To do that, people need access to technology. This partnership with Ruckify and the City of Toronto will help United Way agencies continue to support people. We heard first-hand from service providers at our community response tables — tables we support together with the City — that the need for technology is growing for things like online counseling, check-ins with isolated seniors and so much more,” says Ruth Crammond, Vice-President of Community Investment & Development for United Way Greater Toronto.
If you have unused or new phones, tablets, and laptops sitting around your home, or office, that could be put to critical use during this ongoing crisis, connect with Ruckify, and a representative from the company will come pick up your unused tech. What is sitting around collecting dust on your shelf could be life changing for someone.