Author | Photos Becca Lemire

Holt Renfrew’s Fashion Week Kick Off Party Was a Blur of Fur, Flatforms and Fades

People really went for it at MasterCard Fashion Week’s opening party Monday night. Like, really went for it. There were photographers, there were drinks, there were a great deal more customized leather jackets than we had been expecting (get on this, I guess?). There was an all-out, fierce-as-hell, guys-in-studded-platforms walk-off. New York art/fashion babies The Bumbys sat be-masked at typewriters offering “a fair and honest appraisal of your appearance.” Sound nerve-wracking? These guests had noooothin’ to worry about. Our honest appraisal of the night?

Fancy. Guests here knew exactly what they were doing, clothes-wise, dance-wise, one-guy-in-a-chain-mail-headdress-wise. 9.6/10

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