"Sifting through it all, and digesting the bad with the good, can be exhausting."

How to Avoid Lifestyle-Blog Exhaustion

Lifestyle exhaustion is a real thing. Just ask anyone who’s ever quit a fitness goal or diet plan. For me, that exhaustion threshold is pretty darn high. As far as I’m concerned, this precious vessel of mine has gotta last, so I try to treat it accordingly (in between frequent donut binges).

Suffice to say, I like to read up on the latest lifestyle trends. But even for a wellness junkie like me, shit has gotten excessive lately. There are so many contradictory, nitpicky articles out there that I just can’t take it anymore.

The worst of such articles and advice come in the form of fear triggers: “This one thing could be destroying your workout goals.” Open the article and it’s all like ICECREAM. No shit. The worst of the worst are the ones that scare you out of bananas because natural sugar IS HIDDEN AND AWFUL.

I digress. Lifestyle exhaustion happens because we see so many articles of this nature, telling us we’re doing it all wrong when yesterday’s article told us we were doing it all right.

As a lifestyle writer, I see the irony in all of this. I also know that a lot of what’s out there is bullshit. Sifting through it all, and digesting the bad with the good, can be exhausting. And so, here are the things I keep in mind whenever I’m scrolling through a lifestyle blog, about to feel bad about all of my life(style) choices:

Eat What’s Good

No, you don’t need to take absolutely every supplement under the sun to be a healthy person, but you might benefit from reading an article about Omega fats or antioxidants. When considering any changes to your diet based on something you just read, ask yourself reasonable, common-sense questions. Do you eat foods chock-full of nutrients? Do you eat a lot of food that contains science-experiment-sounding-shit?

Incorporating new foods into your diet based on smart nutrition articles is a good move, just don’t let pseudo-health articles scare you away from reasonably nutritious food. In other words, read “Why To Eat Avocados”  and ignore, “Fruit Is Just As Bad As Candy”.

Live How You Like

We’re all adults here. You and I both know that burgers and lethargy do not a healthy person make. But if you prefer a brisk walk over hot power yoga, that’s okay. Contrary to what that condescending fitness article is telling you, you don’t have to work out in this one-particular-way in order to live longer, feel better or get the body you’ve always wanted. Everyone is different, and no one knows what makes you feel good better than you.

There Is No Miracle Product

I first stumbled upon fitness miracle products when I was a pre-teen. I was sitting in a friend’s bedroom, trying out her dad’s instant ab belt. It sent shocks into my abdomen until I became super nauseous and had to take it off. I remember then looking at her dad’s bloated belly, thinking he must not have been using the belt enough.

It blows my mind that companies still get away with touting diet pills or weird fitness contraptions of this nature like they’re the ultimate solution to your beer belly.

The next time you’re reading about quick fixes, just remember that no amount of electroshock will give you abs. Similarly, no cream will erase your wrinkles and no pill will (healthily) axe your love handles. Change comes from altering habits, whether it be about your body or your mind. There’s no product out there that will do all the work for you.

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