If you want to be wealthy one day (yes, please) it makes sense to start planning now; however, navigating the investment market can be complicated and challenging. Where do you make space in your budget when resources are stretched thin? And where do you invest when you do have some left over at the end of the day?

To look into this, Young Women in Business Toronto are hosting Wealthy Women w/ Jessica Moorhouse, a financial literacy event. Moorhouse is a personal finance expert, award-winning blogger, host of the Mo’ Money Podcast and founder of the Millennial Money Meetup. She is dedicated to helping others understand finance and provides support and guidance through lessons she has been learning first-hand, as well as through her research and tips from other experts in the field.

On May 30th, head to Tangerine’s Downtown Cafe (221 Yonge St) for an informative and educational evening. You will learn how to get on track to becoming a wealthy woman. Doors open at 6:30pm. Get tickets here.