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How To Make a Crock-Pot Cocktail for a Crowd

Despite my love of drinks and entertaining, I absolutely hate making complicated cocktails for a crowd. They’re fussy and messy, and every added ingredient translates into time away from my guests, distracted in the kitchen, shaker in hand.

So here’s a hot tip: if you’re hosting a holiday party with fancy libations this season, keep it simple with a crock-pot cocktail.


For my birthday, I put 2 litres of apple cider in a crock-pot with cinnamon sticks, clove-studded lemons, a chai tea bag and fresh ginger. I kept the Crown Royal Special Reserve Whiskey on the side for guests to pour separately. The crock-pot keeps the cider warm all night, but don’t forget to heat it up at least three hours before your guests begin arrive!


The cocktail turned out soothing and delicious, and I loved seeing my friends serve themselves throughout the night, meaning I had more time to enjoy myself and mingle.


xo Jenny

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