Cher said it herself: partying is such a sweet sorrow. She’s right. I was filled with grief when I looked at myself in the mirror the other morning and saw a hung over owl staring back. This is a sight I’ve been seeing too often, and it’s not a good look. So, I’ve declared an official break from late nights and cheap pints. Here’s how I plan to do it without dying of boredom.

Make your apartment a place you want to be, not a place you “have to be”

By making your apartment into a den of enjoyment, you’ll really increase the likelihood of your staying in it. First, you must clean it. Then, stock it with treats like good reads, fun snacks, a zen playlist, and movies you’re pumped to watch.

Stock up on movies you’re pumped to watch

You can’t pair an oath of no partying with a goal to read all Russian lit from the 19th century. It has to be all about balance. Some good, clean, mindless entertainment is absolutely necessary. If watching J-Shore is how you like to unwind, be aware that all that fist pumping may make you want to jump the first party train to Karma. Download some inspiring films. For example, the Phantom of the Opera or the English Patient. Captivating, check. Feel good, check. Free of fountains of booze and ass shaking, check.

Get your hands on some virgins

Virgin cocktails that is. If you love nothing more than a spicy Caesar, have one without the hard stuff. They have alcohol free beer but it’s dreadful and will depress you even more.

Party without the sauce

Your party free pledge doesn’t mean you have to swear off hang-time with friends. That said, don’t go out with the people who you know bring out your innermost hedonistic desires. That’s putting yourself on a torturous, slippery slope. Plan some fun, sober outings with sensitive pals who won’t splash drinks around you and gush about how divine they taste. Go to some workshops, play retro games at the pinball cafe, go see a Hot Doc, play childhood board games at Snakes and Lattes. Here are some more ideas.

Get busy and crafty

They say to kick a habit you have to replace it with something. If you really like baking, take on a Julie and Julia style task of cooking everything from your mom’s childhood cookbook, or venture into vegan baking. Brush up on your yoga skills, or make a selection of DIY bath bombs and soak yourself into euphoria. Taking a break from partying is all about treating yourself right. Bring the bod and the mind follows, right?

I wish you the best of luck in your mission, partyhounds, and remember: that first cocktail of the summer is to be so much more satisfying after a break from hitting the sauce.

~ Kait Fowlie