No no, its not what you think – I didn’t rub one out to the Bed Intruder Remix. However, following Antoine Dodson’s extended fifteen minutes of fame is a favorite pastime of me and the guy who I’m dating. We are obsessed. We laugh about it constantly, listen to the song on repeat, and I even follow Antoine on Facebook.

My fella has been out of town for about a week, and we all know that when you are having regular sex, the minute it stops – you want it…BAD. I figured cold showers would have to suffice until he got home, but something surprising happened last night.

I came home late from a work event, tired and just dicking around on the computer. No man to cuddle with, and sadly no night of raging passion to look forward to, it was just my floral flannel pjs and me.

With more then enough technological and social-networking distractions, I was finding myself up even later, and more restless and frustrated that no sex would be had. My virtual fish-tank has been fed, my internet gossip read, and my emails responded to – so of course, I turned again to old faithful – Facebook.

Just then, I discovered something incredibly exciting! Thanks to Facebook news feed, I learned that Antoine performed on the BET Hip Hop Awards, AMAZING. How much longer can this dude’s fame-meter run?!

I knew my man needed to see this asap, and texted him (as it was late at night) that he check his inbox immediately. I was happy to know he was still up too, all alone in the countryside visiting family. He let me know that he checked his email, watched the clip, and loved it. We began to text back and forth about it…Antoine this, Antoine that, fame, exploitation, yadda yadda yadda, you get the picture.

Then…conversation turned to the last time we hung out (which was in fact a wet and wild night)… we both started to recall some memories.

Eventually our jokey talk about Antoine had turned into quite the arousing conversation going back and forth. We both admitted to feeling super turned-on. Just like in real life – it was time to move things to the bedroom (Blackberry in hand).

I was nervous at first, not sure what to type (one-handed texting ability IS required). He started to tell me what he would do if he was in my room, and asked me to describe to him what I liked. That, my friends, was not difficult at all since I had been craving him every night that he was out of town.

It got hot pretty fast, and our blazing hot text messages were rocketing through the digital universe at the speed of light. He described what he was doing at home in the country, and I told him what I was doing all alone in the big city – the feeling was almost surreal.

Our text conversation lasted for over an hour, and we both got off… it was truly hot sex from a far.

While sexting, we talked about what we love about our sex life, the craziest things we have done to each other, and what we like the best, we even talked about trying some new things. Believe me, if there is any way to figure out what pleases your partner the most – sexting may just be it. One of the best parts is we both have the text conversation to refer to…for future ‘needs’.

So remember, the next time someone sends you a link to a viral video – you may wanna follow that meme with a partner…you never know where it may take you. And you can run and tell that! …homeboy.