It’s not always possible to make it home for Thanksgiving. Whether you can’t get away from work or don’t have the cash to fly home from college, it sucks missing out on that fam time and turkey. Instead of bumming around drinking pumpkin ale, why not plan something yourself? There are tons of great options for a Thanksgiving dinner with minimal or maximum effort.

Don’t like cooking? Hitch a ride with a friend to their parents’ house in the ‘burbs and enjoy their style of Thanksgiving. Bonus points if you gather a few friends and have a mini high school house party when dinner is done. Just don’t piss off anyone’s grandma! But what if you don’t want to crash a fam-jam?

If you want something a little classier, grab a date or small group and head out to one of the many Vancouver restaurants putting on traditional Thanksgiving dinners. The Corner Suite is doing a three course meal featuring Chanterelle soup, turkey, and pumpkin pie for $29. For $15 more you can get a five course Thanksgiving meal at intimate east Van restaurant, Two Chefs and a Table. Or, if Yaletown chic is your thing, hit up the Hamilton Street Grill for a $25 feast.

If you’re a hostess with the mostest but you don’t want to break the bank, grab a few friends for a potluck. You can let your group go wild or create a list for them to choose from for a more structured affair. If anyone’s having trouble, point them in the direction of Whole Foods, Meinhardt, or Urban Fare for something special from incredible their gourmet delis.

Finally, if you want a true challenge, you can host a hundred-mile Thanksgiving. What’s more Vancouver than the hundred-mile diet? You can get started with this handy blog, then let your imagination run wild! Within a hundred miles, of course.

–By Meghan Roberts