When you’re hungry and food insecure, knowing where to get a free meal can be a lifesaver.

Now, a new app from Feed it Forward is aiming to help divert extra food into hungry bellies, instead of landfills. If you’ve got good, edible food to offer, you can upload a photo, as well as the type and quantity of food, and set the location of where it can be picked up. The app allows those searching to obtain free food from home cooks, restaurants, markets, farmers and any other sources.

“This app will post and showcase where and when people can acquire food,” says Jagger Gordon, founder of Feed it Forward. “Anyone will be able to obtain food via the Internet. Through my journey in helping people that live primarily on the street, most of them have cell phones because that’s how they keep in communication with social workers and online banking. Most people living with food insecurities have a phone, and if they don’t have Internet access, they look for Wi-Fi hotspots. Every week, we feed thousands of people that live under these circumstances.”

The app will be launched at a special fundraiser this Sunday afternoon, 3-6 p.m., at the High Park Brewery (839 Runnymede Rd). Feed it Forward will be raising money for their annual Christmas dinner and collecting toys and gifts that will be given to over four thousand children and adults on Christmas Day. Please bring an unwrapped toy to this event. Learn more about the app here.