I Can't Today, I'm On Hiatus

Just in time for her visit to Canada, Lauren Conrad ditches The Collection.

Is the recession freaking you out? Take a page out of Lauren Conrad’s book (her metaphorical book. The LC tell-all biography probably won’t be coming for at least another 30 years, when she’ll be a tanned and chain-smoking Hollywood Madame, dripping with jewels and living with 17 chihuahuas, bitterly slagging off Audrina’s implants.) The new way to ride out the economic slump: Take a hiatus.

LC has put her clothing line on hold so she can take time to “re-vamp,” beginning to work with high-end fabrics. (No more jersey!) We suggest anyone in a tail-spin from the current state of things do the same. Sure, it might be a bit more challenging for those of us unable to fax MTV our dry-cleaning bills, but even LC is on her last season of Hills-Mania. And don’t worry-taking a hiatus may SOUND boring, but hiatus-time is far from dull. Take it from LC: days once spent naming wrap-dresses after girlfriends have been replaced by nights spent starting tiny-braid trends. A hiatus is time for YOU. Time to really think about your own equivalent of high-end fabrics: what new materials will you bring in to your life to make it more challenging and exciting? Use your hiatus to cultivate an attitude free of recession-induced freak outs and full of life-enhancing brainstorming. Because if the end of The Hills means anything, it’s new beginnings.

For more convoluted LC wisdom, be sure to follow @shedoesthecity on Monday, April 6th, when we’ll be live-twittering from Lauren’s appearance on The Aftershow.

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