Invest in Yourself by Booking a Budget-Friendly Staycation

A recent TD survey discovered that nine in ten Canadian millennials agree that vacations, even mini-vacations or “staycations,” are essential to keeping them happy; however, 46% are not taking their full allotment of vacation days. The top reasons being a heavy workload and lack of funds. Sound familiar? Then now (RIGHT NOW!) is the time to check your calendar and book off time for yourself.

With help from TD, we’ve got some easy tips on how to manage your money so that you get the best ROE (Return on Enjoyment), without going over budget.

Here are a few ways to ensure you take the time you need to recharge, without breaking the bank:

Plan in advance
Planning is half the fun! Look at your work calendar and find a couple days that you can book off that won’t have you feeling stressed while you’re on vacay. To feel good about your decisions, ensure that the vacation you are planning fits in to your budget. From a cash flow calculator to managing your monthly expenses, TD’s Everyday Finances Made Easy page is a great place to start to gain a better understanding of your monthly budget and take control of your personal finances.

Search for promo codes & special rates
Most hotels will offer incentives, especially during off-season. Seek out promotions, and if you don’t see them advertised, be sure to ask.

Look at your city with tourist eyes
If leaving town is not possible, find something special in the city that you can enjoy during a simple staycation at home, be it tickets to a play or an afternoon at the spa. Or head to the AGO or ROM for an afternoon! Both have amazing exhibits right now!

Include “me time” in your budget
Make room for it as you would your phone bill or gas card. Self-care and rest are invaluable. It’s amazing what a little getaway or staycation will do for your mental health and productivity. Think of it as an investment, both personally and professionally.

Inspired by TD’s findings, I recently did something that I’ve never done before: I booked two nights at a resort for me, myself, and I. I intend to sleep, eat, read, watch bad TV, do handstands in the pool, get a massage, and take solitary walks in the woods. My schedule and budget this year will not allow for a two-week siesta in Cabo San Lucas, but I can swing a two-night staycation in Muskoka. I’m BEYOND EXCITED.

While this post is generously sponsored by TD, the opinions and language are all my own.

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  1. PamelaCondos
    March 24, 2016

    shedoesthecity I love the idea of a staycation! Especially for people in great condos with loads of facilities! Spa day in sauna!!

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