Joanne McNally will be in Toronto at the Just For Laughs Festival this weekend, performing her hugely successful standup show The Prosecco Express at the historic Elgin Theatre. Joanne’s brand of unfiltered, raunchy and rowdy comedy has sold out full runs in Edinburgh, more than 50 shows in Dublin, and four nights at the London Palladium. Bite Me, her first one-woman show, was recognized for its discussion of eating disorders, an issue Joanne has been open about throughout her career. 

As an all-around hilarious presence, Joanne has ventured beyond standup into documentary, TV, radio and podcasts. My Therapist Ghosted Me, her podcast with model Vogue Williams, offers “100% unqualified, unsubstantiated but up front and honest advice”—which more than 1 million listeners eat up each week.

We got the chance to ask Joanne a few questions ahead of her Toronto show.

What was it that made you want to get into comedy?

A male comic suggested I give it a go, I’m embarrassed to say I did it to impress him. 


What are you looking forward to for your Just For Laughs Toronto show?

Meeting up with the squillions of Irish people that I know that have moved there. And meeting the one  Canadian person at the show.  

Can you describe the vibe that audiences can expect from your show?

I like to think it’s a hen party vibe. 

Has there been a standout show or memorable moment from performing The Prosecco Express?

Being told I sold the most alcohol ever in the London Palladium, and that was my own personal bill. 

What would you say has been the greatest outcome of sharing experiences with eating disorders in your show ‘Bite Me’?

The sense of camaraderie with other people who have been through the same and the realization of how common it is. 

 How would you describe your podcast with Vogue Williams, My Therapist Ghosted Me, for a first-time listener?

Two friends discussing their own lives and the lives of everyone else. 

What’s making you laugh these days?

Schitt’s Creek.

What comedians or performers have inspired you? 

Anyone I’ve seen on stage inspires me in some way shape or form. 

 What’s a book, film or something you recently consumed that more people should know about? 

Esther Perel – Mating in Captivity 

With a podcast, documentary and successful standup tours under your belt, where would you like to go from here with your comedy? Is there something new you’d like to explore?

Currently writing a book. Well, I’m not, but I’m meant to be. Praying my publisher doesn’t read this. 

See Joanne McNally perform at Just For Laughs Toronto on September 30. Next week, she will tour across Canada, performing in Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria and Vancouver. Tickets are available here!