It’s back… Shedoesthecity Presents: #STAYGOLDEN, A Classic Rock Dance Mess @ Gladstone Hotel! 

This Saturday, our classic rock dance mess returns! So get your ass down to The Gladstone for #STAYGOLDEN. Be a rebel, whip yo’ hair, dress like a 70s rocker babe and runaway with us. 

SDTC resident photog Becca Lemire will be playing party hostess and snap-snapping around. She’s partnered with comedian/DJ/American Apparel sweetheart, Laura Cilevitz, who will blare the hits as DJ Cherry Pop. 

This time, we’ve brought together local brands we love to give you some fun prizes throughout the night! YAHOOWEEE!!!

Come party with us and the next day, shop your hangover away. Yep, that’s how we do it.

To give y’all a preview, we got all dressed up in our best and baddest classic rock looks and fierced it up all around The Gladstone Hotel, with the talented Solana Cain following us around with her lens. So much fun! We caught many an eye. Mostly from the cleaners. Scope the gallery below. On Saturday, it’s your turn. 

Shedoesthecity Presents: #STAYGOLDEN 
Gladstone Hotel Ballroom (1st floor) 
Saturday, November 10th
9pm – 2:30am

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