She hails from the west, but Jayne Siwik and The Wicked Witch are not to be confused. Jayne hits us with her secret weapon arsenal, proving that the magic really is in the details.

Where you live: Langley, BC from September to May, Burlington, ON for summers and Christmas.

What you do:I am a biology student most of the time and I fit all my other interests into my shrinking amount of free time

Favourite Places to Shop: Top Shop, vintage stores, Front and Company, H&M… the list goes on.

Music you can’t stop listening to: Noah and the Whale, Phoenix, Florence and the Machine, The National…

Perfect Friday night: People I love, laughing, sweet treats, new adventures, old favourite places…

What is your secret style weapon? A collection of 6 rings that you will find on my finger every day.

Where did you get them? The rings are from H&M, all different, very sparkly and also could double as brass knuckles if I needed to protect myself in some sort of fight.

Why do you love them? I love them because they make an outfit more interesting, they can be used for so many occasions and I never get tired of them! They just add an extra dimension to an otherwise boring piece of clothing.

If you lost them, you would…: Feel a loss in my closet and heart, and then search for the next secret weapon that would revitalize my wardrobe and increase my outfit creativity.