Kelly Cutrone’s love-in for (everyone in) Toronto (except us) continues, as she sits down with local filmmaker, and former Green Power Ranger, Matt Austin, to talk fashion, PR, and Amma.

In the office of Canada’s own Cutrone Counterpart, the slightly less intimidating but no less bad-ass Deb G, of Rock-it Promotions, Cutrone and Austin had a laid-back chat about everything from business to beliefs. “We have a lot in common…because you guys have a bad elevator and we have a bad elevator,” Cutrone says from beneath her dark tinted shades. Beyond unreliable modes of vertical transportation, she shares with the camera that both PR companies have a similar “rock n’ roll thing,” as well as a penchant for spiritual humanitarianism, and gives a shout out to Rock-It’s new blog, Heard It On The Fourth Floor- which we were incidentally featured on last week.

Beyond partnering with Rock-it to promote Amma and befriending Deb G, Cutrone counts Jian Ghomeshi among her T.O. homies, coming into town for his birthday a couple months back. The two struck up a friendship in March while doing an interview on Q to promote her book, If You Have To Cry, Go Outside. Since that initial interview, they continue to affectionately tweet. “…Surely you’re moving to Canuckistan eventually,” Ghomeshi bird-called to Cutrone. Although moving plans can’t be confirmed, the PR Queen Bee has found a nest to perch on as relayed by @peoplesrev, “Yes I. Am in Toronto Loving the Sky. Bar at the Drake hotel.”

Check out the video in full here.