Kelly Hewitt

A self-professed “boring dresser,” Kelly Hewitt takes the cake for effortless style and commitment to sport; if there were ever a time to use such a ridiculous expression, she rocks commendable-chic.

Where do you live? Montreal, at Marie Anne and Clark

What do you do? I go to school for communication studies at Concordia University and run on the school’s cross country team

Favourite places to shop: Wilfred at Aritzia-I want everything but it’s too expensive. Probably doesn’t count if I don’t actually buy anything.

Music you can’t stop listening to: Every Time I Die

Perfect Friday night: Right now my perfect friday night is bed at 10 pm because the team races EARLY every weekend. Or, a pub kind of a la The Dickens, you know? Some place you can drink and hang out and hear the person next to you! Foufs or something.

What is your secret weapon? A good pair of boots.

Why do you love them? I love them because they make even colourless, bland, mostly boring outfits look alive.

If you lost them, you would…: If I lost them I would go buy another pair because places like Zara make that stuff ALL THE TIME!


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