Ladies who do TIFF: JacFlash owner, Jaclyn Genovese, ends the night in modern interpretive dance circle with Val Kilmer

The young and fashionable Jaclyn Genovese, owner of JacFlash boutique situated next to Queen West swing club Wicked, is renowned for her offbeat style and hard partying. Whether she’s wearing weirdass vampire contacts in her eyes or shoulder pads that could take flight, we admire her chutzpah and “whatever…fuck” attitude. But why we really wanted to follow Genovese on a night during TIFF is that she undoubtedly either starts the party or leads us to a crazy uninhibited scene. We were right!

While half of her night was spent on The Hoxton dancefloor, shaking hips to Estelle at The Diet Coke Stay Extraordinary Gala, the second half got a little more wild as she swooped into the Blacklist party at The Thompson Hotel’s 1812 bar. Attended by Colin Farrell and Val Kilmer, guests rejoiced when Kilmer began a dance circle with moves that looked like he was frantically pressing all the buttons in an elevator. After he demonstrated how to point-point-point, party revelers joined in and it was all caught on AUXTV’s video below.

With long blonde hair and a facial expression that reads, “bite me”, Jacklyn looks fiercely sexy for her TIFF bender. Here’s what she wore: 
-Alice & Olivia leather bustier dress
-One teaspoon velvet over-sized blazer
-Low Luv and Moon raven jewelry
-Tsovet watch
-Dolce Vita Heidi boots
-matt & nat purse

ALL available at jacflash- and

Bring back Kilmer! We wanna do his hokey-pokey Blacklist dance. 

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  1. BL
    December 17, 2013

    A very lovely looking store with some great design features and very attractive staff.  Their collections are curated quite nicely and some original brands are featured.
    Obviously the years have not been good to the store and sadly, they are horrendously lacking in the very basic rule of retail; customer service. For a boutique to be run with such a poor attitude towards the customer is shameful.  That old saying of “buyer beware” is very applicable here.  To be honest since that’s the risk, I recommend shopping online for any of the brands the Jacflash carries.

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