Still doing some last minute Christmas shopping? Stop by The Found & The Freed in Gastown for a beautiful antique gift that’ll knock the recipient’s socks off.

Pop up stores have been showing up all over Vancouver this year to a warm welcome. These temporary shops lease a space for a very limited amount of time, creating a tinge of exclusivity that draws customers in. Most, like the Found and the Freed, are in Gastown.

This particular shop offers a selection of gorgeous antiques and artifacts, including many from Vancouver’s past. They have old bus route signs converted into wall hangings, old-timey desk lamps, and a few showstopper pieces of furniture. Mixed in with a few old photographs, it almost feels like you’re in Gastown in the 1800s.

The Found and the Freed is located beside the Irish Heather at 206 Carrall Street, and runs until December 28th.

If you’re in the area, you can also check out Giftshop at 8 East Cordova. Giftshop offers art, accessories, and more all for under $100. Better go quick though, it closes on December 17th and then you’re out of luck!

By Meghan Roberts