By Caitlyn Holroyd

It may have a fancy French name and be showcasing art installations across the city on Oct. 3, but Nuit Blanche it is not. Think of Les Rues Des Refusés as Nuit Blanche’s rebellious younger sibling—eager for the spotlight but breaking all the rules in the process.

Whether seeking sweet revenge for being rejected by the much larger art exhibit taking over Toronto, or wanting to do something less mainstream, Les Rues Des Refusés will be showcasing a more rogue set of artists in and around the Nuit Blanche zones. From poetry readings to projections and dance parties, found anywhere from established venues to secret back alleys, Refusés takes advantage of the large audience brought in by Nuit Blanche, while setting itself apart by offering a less corporate view of art.

Last year’s Refusés featured exhibits discovered by creator Stephanie Avery, including The Blanchetown Blanchers marching band and a collection of experimental films screened in Trinity Bellwoods by Sketch, an arts program for homeless youth. This time around, she enlisted the help of a website and social networking powers like Facebook and Twitter to call on artists, leading to a much larger number of submissions.

What can you look forward to this year? A life-size hand-sewn doll named Big Chip eager for people to take him on adventures and photograph every moment, free haircuts at Coupe Bizarre with a catch: no say and no mirrors, and Nuit Noir, offering Satanic coffee and a metaphorical slaying of psychic vampires. Sounds like one fantastically debaucherous affair.