The holiday season is approaching, and we’ve started to plan dinner parties with old friends, Christmas gift-exchanges with family and New Year’s Eve bashes with … lots of alcohol. This year, we propose you try something a little different for dessert, diverting from the traditional fruit cakes, butter tarts and shortbread biscuits: specifically, cake-pops.

Montreal’s La Popshop sells beautiful, ready-to-order, colourful cake-pops – essentially, cake covered in chocolate and possibly candy/sprinkles, on a stick – that will have you rethinking the hours you typically spend in front of the oven, with flour in your hair and icing sugar on your shoes. Not only are these fun creations perfect for any event at which children will be in attendance, but they are also unique ideas for potlucks, office parties or casual, fireside get-togethers with family. Each cake-pop is so perfect and cute, you almost don’t want to eat it. Almost.

Check out their Facebook page to see a great array of other themed cake pops. Also great for corporate events, baby showers and weddings. Call 514-519-1587 to place an order at least three days in advance. A dozen cake-pops start at $30.

~ Tyler Yank