Approximately 100 Bachelor fans congregated at Love Child Social House this past Monday night to hang on the words of author Amy Kaufman as she read juicy details about North America’s most-watched reality series from her new tell-all book, Bachelor Nation

Moderated by journalist Sarah Sahagian (Shedoesthecity, National Post, Walrus), we did a deep dive into the reasons why we–self-described feminists–enjoy a spectacle that is problematic. From why it is a source of pleasure, to decoding the minutia of past participants, it was a night full of many questions. As the ultimate insider, Amy’s responses were most satisfying, and her book, Bachelor Nation, which is already flying high on the New York Times bestseller list, goes even further into the bizarre world of the highly edited, highly contrived reality programming.

Unlike the show, each guest who attended our event was gifted a rose. No one went home broken-hearted, or at least, we hope not.