Cmon, everybody’s doing it: find an affiliation with Sex and the City 2 already and jump on the company bandwagon. There are condoms, hair removal products, orthopedics, vodka, lucky charm pendants, cougar fitness – even the deli counter at Longo’s has a special Samantha Jones style meat skewer just for YOU!

That’s right! The GTA grocery chain that boasts an extensive selection of fresh meat, fish and cheeses, and a self serve salad bar that will rival any restaurant, recently sent a press release recommending that all of us Sex and the City fanatics cook up some Mediterranean spiced beef kabobs in the “true spirit and style of Samantha.” Ms. Jones likes to wrap her chops around a stealth piece of fresh meat, and now we can also join in the fun! Subbing in a spiced beef kabob for a stiff Smith is an optimum way to kick off a raucous Saturday night with the girls!

Fashionista-frugalistas, listen up! For hardworking Miranda, Longo’s recommends mini pizzas. And likens mixing and matching colourful toppings, like sundried tomatoes and salami, to a bold Pucci print. 

For those of us who can barely work a microwave – a la Carrie– fresh fruit and strawberry yogurt frozen pops are an easy crowd pleaser. To serve guests in full-on Bradshaw style, may we suggest you teeter over in look-a-like Louboutins and a mega oversized flower broach. If luck prevails,  the weight of the broach and length of the heel will allow you to accidentally fall on a hot guy. If that happens, then congrats – you are PRACTICALLY A HIT EPISODE. Later that eve, we promise that you will be able to write a blog entry about how strawberry yogurt frozen pops are a metaphor for your love life.

Ladies, this weekend, if you aren’t dressed like one of these characters head to toe, sipping a cosmo, cackling about vibrators and enjoying a shish kebab….well then we don’t know what’s wrong with you.