1. Kanye and La Roux- One of my fave debuts from last year just got the Kanye West treatment; douchery and a new beat lands on La Roux’s remixed track “In For the Kill”. The video was shot at the Chelsea Hotel. Ellie Jackson continues to rock the androgynous look in a gold lame blazer and simmers with swagger that wasn’t there last year (the Kanye influence? Or a year of amazing sold out tour dates – she’s incredible live). The man himself is also nimbler on this track than we’ve heard him lately. But somehow all the awesome parts don’t add up to an amazing whole… I’m predisposed to adore this, but I’m not feeling it yet. Maybe it’s a grower?

2. Kings of Leon– All the people who spent 2008-2010 with their sexes on fire can rejoice. The Kings new album, ‘Come Around Sundown’ debuts on the 19th. I adore the indie, love grooving to r&b and will do the hip hop white-girl-get-down. But there is nothing as exhilarating as large scale, stadium filling, chorus screaming rock. Long live the Kings.

3. Little J Returns to Gossip Girl– The show’s most annoying character (and on Gossip Girl, that’s a tightly run race) is back tonight after being absent since last season’s finale. This in itself is not worthy of note except her fashion plot line has caught a fabulous big fish: Tim Gunn will have a cameo! And THIS is of note because the adorable Gunnster, whose frank and dignified critiques have been the soul of Project Runway, is always well mannered-but he gets worked up enough to call his raccoon-eyed co-star ‘a pathetic Brat’. Whoa. Juicy Mr Gunn, how very juicy indeed.

4. Sex And The City 2 DVD– We’ve already debated the fashion highs and plot fails of the sequel Sex and the City movie. Now the hardcore and fair-weather fans will be clearly divided as the DVD hits stores on Oct 26th. Are you officially divorcing Carrie and the girls? Or will you forgive their faults and rewatch the film? Or, like me, are you compulsive enough to want to own a bad movie because you already own the whole series? Dilemma.

5. Important Obama News– It’s just been reported that Obama is going to appear on nerd/stoner hit Mythbusters, the show the goes to great lengths to explain how science works. Its way cooler, nerdier and even better than it sounds. He’ll be on the Dec 8 episode to challenge the hosts. On this week’s episode, they made poop. This might be awesome.