Loni Schick

Where you live: T.O.
What you do: Freelance Photographer, Writer & Blogger for C.O.P. Magazine and Female Sneaker Fiend
Favourite places to shop: In L.A., Karmaloop.com, stores I’ve never been to before, and Married to the Mob’s online shop
Music you can’t stop listening to: J. Cole, People Under the Stairs, J. Dilla, Naughty by Nature, A Tribe Called Quest, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Mos Def, Fashawn….how much time do you have?
Perfect Friday night: A hip hop show with a Tom Collins in one hand and my camera in the other.
What is your secret style weapon? A fresh pair of kicks..not one in particular.
Where did you get them? Karmaloop, Tiki Room in Regina, SK, random spots in LA
Why do you love them? I love heels but sneakers are the ultimate in comfort. They always make you look and feel dope and as they say, “real recognize real” so when you’re walking down the street, your kicks can be a conversation piece with other sneakerheads.
If you lost them, you would…:Not be stoked but what can you do besides go cop some more?
Website: www.lonischick.com, www.cupcakesandmixtapes.blogspot.com, www.chicksonpowertrips.com, www.femalesneakerfiends.blogspot.com/


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