I like to be alone.

I like the silence of an empty room, a cool bed. I like the way I can laugh at my own thoughts and memories. I like that I don’t have to be anything when I’m alone—I can just be.

I need time away from socializing, most of the time. I seek solace in loneliness and reflection in solitude. I like to, and I tend to, isolate.

I shy away from social situations and social pressures. I recluse to the comfort of myself and revel in what I find there. Here I can laugh, I can accept, I can love all things about myself. I don’t pretend when I’m around just me.

When I’m social for a while, I feel drawn out. I feel tired and sometimes exhausted. There is too much stimuli, too much noise, and too many heartbeats. I become overwhelmed and sometimes sad. I yearn for the quiet. I yearn for the easy comfort.

But, when you’re around me, I feel like I’m alone. I only laugh a little more. After I’ve spent time with you, I feel relaxed. I am happy in your shadow and eased in your light.

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