Ahhh la France. The shabby chic apartments, the sprawling country homes, the quaint chambre de bonnes. You want your house to look like Aubusson, Burgundy, Antibes, Paris, Versailles, and Provence, but to take it NEXT LEVEL what about making your house smell like France?

Annie Sloantoday announced the launch of her own line of signature fragrances for the home, each of which harmonizes with its own Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ colour. Sloan developed these bespoke scents with a leading fragrance expert whose previous private clients include the UK Royal Family and the Saudi Royal Family, and whose former trade customers include Liberty, Harrods, Fenwicks, and Hermès Paris and London. Basically, she knows her stuff.

Aubusson – Evocative of dark and neutral blue Tuscany leather, 18th century rugs and Mediterranean musky labdanum, this scent transports the senses with hints of thyme, Iris Wood and cedar wood, with a faint vanilla note.

Burgundy – Echoing deep and warm Alizarin Crimson tones with the rich and sophisticated scents of amber, vanilla and patchouli. Fresh top notes of bergamot, mandarin and lemon are smoothed by subtle Casablanca lily and floral tuberose.

Paris – A gentle scent reminiscent of old metropolitan styles. A full floral bouquet with hints of iris, geranium and Damask rose.

Versailles – Suggestive of sophistication, elegance and fresh floral scenes. Notes of honeysuckle, jasmine and gardens after rainfall – dusky and established.

Antibes –Transporting the senses with the nostalgia of flora and freshly cut lawns on balmy summer days in Southern France.

Provence -Stimulates tranquil scenes of lavender and geranium swaying in the breeze, with hints of ginger and amber undertones to create a refreshing and summery sensory journey.

Which one do you like best?? We’ve put in an order for Aubusson, and we’ll be dreaming of Creuse til it gets here!