Margot Grant Witz, Vice President of Creative Global Direction, Elizabeth Grant Skin Care

Margot Grant Witz is the Vice President of Creative Global Direction for Elizabeth Grant Skin Care, a favourite of celebrities like Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez, Rosario Dawson, and Petra Nemcova. The company was founded by her grandmother, and her mother is the president. The first product she developed for the company, The Socializer, was a finalist for the HBA Package Design Awards. She is also the youngest member on the Board of the Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association.

What does a typical Thursday look like for you, starting from when you wake up – to heading to bed?

Every Thursday is very different for me, as I may not be in the same country every Thursday! On Thursdays, I wake up, shower and freshen up for my day, make sure my outfit works and head out the door to the office I am working out of on that particular week. The office setting can vary from Toronto to New York, to a television studio or even the beach! On the way to work, no matter what city, country or continent I am on, I always grab two cups of coffee for a good energy perk up. Once I arrive at work, my schedule consists of several meetings with my Marketing and PR team, PR and Social Media brainstorming sessions, conference calls with my affiliates all around the world, product creation and taking the time to catch up with all of my employees on the progress of their projects. On top of that, there are always urgent media requests to fill, impromptu interviews with journalists and preparing for my next television appearance. Once the work day in done, I usually indulge in a Pilates class or a delicious dinner and drinks with friends. With the summer in full swing now, you will find me outside on a patio catching up with people while enjoying the beautiful weather. 

What was your first job out of school? 

A high school English teacher.

What are the 3 skills you require most to do your job well? 

Creativity, Communication and Character.

What do you love most about your career? 

I love that my career gives me the freedom to flex my creative muscles and know that because I am in this business with my family, I get to know our company and our business in the beauty industry from the inside out. This also puts me in the position to be able to give back to the community around me.

Do you have any warnings? 

People may not take you seriously. Just because you are young does not mean you are not valuable to your field. Do not get too comfortable or stagnant in any position because nothing is for certain – always try to reach for the next level if possible. Always be on top of your game – the majority of fields are consistently changing, so do not get left behind.

If you could try a different career on for a year, what would it be? 

Event Planning. I absolutely love it!

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