Third Year Fashion Communications, Member of Choreography Committee

by Elli Stuhler

So what exactly was your role in Mass Ex?
As a member of the choreography committee, we decided to have different members specialize in different areas seeing as there is so much to cover. Therefore my main contribution is through the opening and closing which was a whole semester of brainstorming and then finally executing (you’ll see) as well, I take care of the script which is like a cue to cue of the entire show and lineup with models and garments. On the actual days of the show, I will be updating the script and doing final lineup which means I will be the last person to see them before they go onstage to ensure they are in order and they are dressed properly. With that being said, I have participated in several other areas of the show on a volunteer basis such as some casting dates, fittings and most recently helping create some of the set. 

Most valuable thing you’ve learned at Ryerson?
Most valuable thing I have learned so far at Ryerson is to not limit my imagination with anything. The bigger, more colourful, outside the box ideas are always the best.-That and my Adobe skills have come along way.

 Best spot in Toronto to shop?
At the risk of sounding cliché  the best Toronto shops are naturally Kensington Market on a summer’s day. What can I say? I am a sucker for cheap costume jewelry. 

Favourite hangout on campus?
I don’t know that I have a hangout on campus. However, if I am not in class I am likely in the fashion lounge-although I don’t really like it.

 If you could pack up your sewing machine and your ideas, what city would be your fresh start?
If I were to pack up and leave I would probably travel somewhere in Europe-probably Rome. The architecture and history would be enough to inspire me for the rest of my working days. For some reason I have also always been fond of Puerto Rico ever since I visited there. It seemed very island-y and there were so many cool boutiques and locals there plus I love the heat! 

Leading up to this show must be pretty stressful. What was the most grueling aspect of it?
The most grueling aspect has got to be the refinements, especially with script because if you change even the smallest thing the entire timing is off and needs to be recalculated.

How do you de-stress in Mass Ex Madness?
When de-stressing I try to do something completely unrelated to fashion. That is one of the reasons my job is to walk dogs at a dog daycare-it’s fun and carefree and I get a lot of good ideas when I am outside with them! Another tactic is to watch something easy and funny-I suggest Summer Heights High.


What’s the first thing you plan on doing once all of this is over?
I plan on sleeping a full 8 hours straight.

 If you could dress a dead celebrity who would it be?
Princess Grace Kelly 

What would you dress him/her in? Would it be an improvement?
I would dress her in a crisp, white, men’s button down, with black lace lingerie shorts (high-waisted) and black thick-rimmed glasses. She is the most marveling beauty; I would want to keep it as raw as possible.

Who is your number one style inspiration?
I have a HUGE thing for retro bombshells and most of my inspiration stems from them, however, my number one bombshell/inspiration is the fantastic Ann Margaret. I’m not sure why but she is just perfect.

How would you describe your own personal style?
My personal style is tricky for me to describe…I think I would say shabby-chic with a side of romance. I love vintage everything and I cannot, for the life of me, look completely put together now matter how much time I have to get ready.


What is your fashion dream job?
My fashion dream job would be as a fashion reporter, traveling all over the world attending shows and writing about them.


Is your future in Toronto?
I love Toronto…but I hate their winters therefore I see a part-time future in Toronto.