by Kait Fowlie

Staring into a three day stretch of no work, few obligations, and even fewer reasons to feel guilty about it, I embark on something of a loaf / party fest. Actually, this is pretty much an accurate description of my entire summer, I can’t lie. Here are some fun things I did with my out-of-school, directionless life this week! (I keep telling myself it’s bohemian, not totally disgraceful, right?…)

It all started with an invite to Scadding Court pool, my favourite cooling station! So I hit up H&M’s bikini sale. Being a person who loathes undergarments and only wears them in times of absolute need, I haven’t actually owned a proper bathing suit in years. H&M actually has ones to feel inspired about, though – for as low as 5 dollars apiece! The pool was packed as usual – kids, preteens, grown men playing with beach balls … there is something about hanging out at a public pool in the summer that robs you of your ego in the best way possible. This evening, the chlorine levels were actually too high for people to swim. Instead, we went to the Big Chill in Little Italy at which point I consumed enough “Mickey’s Birthday Cake” to feed a small country.

The next day after shaking a slight ice cream hangover, I peel my ass out of my sweaty bed in my blazing inferno of an apartment and went to Chinatown to get some stuff to make this dope Gazpacho – a guaranteed way to cool down from the inside out . I had a really memorable Gazpacho experience at Sidecar on College last summer, and I’ve been making it ever since. After this, I go on a music downloading spree (I recommend Best Coast’s Crazy For You and Dr. Dog’s Shame Shame), both excellent park / beach chilling albums.

That evening, my friend Shaun and I embarked on sort of an impromptu city party tour. I’m not one to consciously start a bender, but sometimes, the gods of the universe show up at my door and demand I go get drunk – I’m only capable of so much when it comes to will power.  After crushing a box of wine at his  crib, we moved onto Tortilla Flats and got a bucket of 5 Corona’s for $19.99(!) After this, we trekked to the market and made it to the Bread and Circus in time for the second act of The Carnegie Hall Show, a weekly variety show that goes down Wednesday nights. Mindless optimism is their attitude, and celebrating the mundane is their mission. Halfway through a banter session between two costumed French bohemian boys, my friend whispered to me “what have we stumbled upon?” – a pleasant surprise, my petit pal, a pleasant surprise. We finished off the night at the Last Temptation, which is decidedly my fourth favourite bar in the city- such creative cocktails! I believe everyone should have a (tangible) list of their favourite bars.  

I woke up in my sweaty apartment slightly disoriented. A friend of mine from the hometown (who is such a drinking pro she acquired the nickname Spooner Palooza), told me her secret: when you wake up, vomit, take two Advil, chug a glass of water, and put a cold cloth over your eyes and go back asleep. I managed to only chug a glass of water, which I feel is probably the healthiest part of this combo. Anyway, lately I’ve found that walking through the market is a sure fire hangover cure. There’s something about the stimulus of interesting / kooky people, fresh air with a tinge of exotic international foods, and the likelihood of running into friends. Particularly the store Blue Banana. This store is a complete and utter treat for a drunk. Everything in there is so visually appealing, like their absurd vintage candy contraptions and handicrafts. Awesome vegan cupcakes, too. But this day, I spring for one of El Gordo’s empanadas. They’re only 3 bucks, and so deliciously cheesy (my favourite is the ricotta cheddar mozzarella) you will want to ask El Gordo to marry you and spend your honeymoon writhing in a pool of queso-induced splendour. 41 different flava-flaves made fresh every day? Can’t go wrong, sports fans.  

It’s not long before I jump on the beer train again – at the Flaming Lips show at the Molson Amphitheatre! I had been really looking forward to this show for the past few weeks. I used to find the Flaming Lips about as accessible as a pack of bleating mountain goats, but dating a die-hard fan sort of inadvertently puts you on the bandwagon. They’ve been around since 81, making crazy as shit music and shows that are entirely performance oriented – think band members entering the stage from a woman’s vagina, space bubbles, and confetti, lots of confetti – AMAZING! My hot date and I downed a few 11 dollar pints (ugh) and loafed in the beautiful evening to the sweet sounds of Spoon and the Lips. We missed Tokyo Police Club due to a particularly engrossing plate of nachos at the Brazen Head Pub and a 5 dollar Keith’s pints deal on Wednesdays! (I’m not an alcoholic, really). But the show was amazing. I officially fell in love with Wayne Coyne, even though he is a married, 49 year old man.

I was proud of myself for being in bed by 2 am, and sort of thankful it was raining when I woke up – less chance of getting into trouble of any sort, I suppose. By noon, I already have afternoon plans to go to the Big Chill. It’s good to be alive.