Meredith Gillies

All-around laugh-and-a-half, Meredith Gillies’ style is all about having a blast.

Where you live: Toronto, Ontario
What you do: Go to journalism school… kind of… ha ha
Favourite places to shop: Free People, Urban Outfitters I guess… it’s like my go-to place. And Top Shop.
Music you can’t stop listening to: The Dudes, Florence & The Machine, Danny Michel
Perfect Friday night: [Sticks tongue out, smiles ear to ear] Going out with friends, especially with journalism ones because we have more fun NOT clubbing. It’s funnier and rowdier.
What is your style secret weapon? My backstreet boys t-shirt, even though it’s not even mine.
Where did you get it? I stole it from my friend Lauren, who got it at the Backstreet Boys concert.
Why do you love it? Cause it’s oversized and really fun when you tuck in into a skirt, and I’ve had two of my funnest nights in it. This summer I wore it as a dress to a bar, and people just couldn’t figure out what I was wearing…
If you lost it, you would…: Be really upset and be forced to go to another Backstreet concert and buy another

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