Michael Snow is a visual artist from Toronto, who’s sculpture Flightstop (the flying geese) famously hung in the Eaton Centre. Miike Snow is the three-piece band from Sweden featuring producing duo from Bloodshy & Avant and singer Andrew Wyatt. And that was my little bit to connect all things Canadian and all things Swedish, although there is no association (apparently, the band was named after a friend). In addition, singer Wyatt makes it clear to the Toronto crowd on October 9th at the Kool Haus, “there is nobody in the band named Miike Snow.”

In Toronto, we really like Swedish musical exports. The likes of Lykke Li, Peter Bjorn & John and Robyn have performed for packed Toronto venues and Miike Snow had an equally enormous reception at the Kool Haus.

I don’t like to wait; not for Jim, not for Bob, nor for John. But I was willing to wait for Miike just because of the rumours I had heard about the great live performance. An hour-late start was prolonged with a lengthy smoke machine introduction and synth focus. Out of the smoke appeared silver-masked men– fitting attire for the opener “Cult Logic.” The repetition of “don’t forget to cry at your own burial” still lingered in the air from “Burial” when a faster, rougher, louder version of “Black and Blue” burst (complemented with a blue lightshow for the eyes).

Masks now aside, “A Horse is Not a Home” had a grand instrumental with the front row going crazy and fans crowd surfing. Meanwhile, “Silvia” keeping with the melancholy melody and gloomy lyrics, fostered couples slow dancing in the back. To each their own, via the song, I guess.

The stage was adorned by black antlers that acted as the scenery for “Animal.” The song resulted in a dramatic finish that escalated the sound to a frenzy and featured Wyatt swinging the guitar uncontrollably before breaking the mic stand. An impressive two-song encore followed that left the crowd willingly waiting for more, even though they were left waiting for so long, earlier.

–By Ivana Markotic