”I’m sticking to the script this season”

”I’m sticking to the script this season”, says Ms. Kay on opening night.

…oh, but it was so entertaining last time when you rambled about VIA rail and how workers had to blow up mountains and such to get across this great country.

Despite nasty secret wishes, Robin Kay did not teeter all over the catwalk, marking out sponsors in the crowd with incoherent introductions and decreeing how fabulously she’s taken fashion in Canada from its humble roots. Although we are glad to see the substance abuse is under control, we were hoping for a little worm to feed our hungry twitter bird – instead all we got were fights amongst old biddies in seats ahead of us, you see Barbie’s a popular gal and the tent was overpopulated with assertive pushy fashion people. Squeals of “I can’t see” quickly took on mob mentality and two fifty-something men started to squabble:

”Why don’t you try being polite!”
“Why don’t YOU try being polite!”

Great comeback. Who knew Mattel’s leading lady was so popular amongst middle aged men?

L’Oreal took a backseat to LG this time ‘round but Kay made sure to thank them: “You are the very beauty of love, a huge merci!”

LG spokesperson thanked the “guiding hand of Robin Kay” and we all wished Babs a happy 50th, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARBIE!!!!”

It was almost a huge love in minus cat fights off the catwalk and our bitchy hopes of train wreck antics.

In a few minutes: decoding David Dixon’s show – and my nightmares about Margaret Thatcher, Courtney Love and Barbie pulling my hair.

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